Ontario Wine News | Stoney Ridge Estate Winery

If the wine is the story, then the winemaker is the author. Stoney Ridge Estate Winery is among the Ontario wineries that have at the helm, a winemaker with a passion for the wine narrative. Here it is Gord Robert that takes a masterly approach to the Ontario wineries story.

His wines have won many awards including the 2004 Gold Medal for Syrah at none other than the Paris (that’s France) Wine Show. Add to that, his award for the Best Chardonnay in the World, a prize he claimed while perfecting his art at Le Clos Jordanne. Latest accolade comes from the 2011 All Canadian Wine Championship where Stoney Ridge wines garnered the most awards in the history of the honored event.

Awards are one thing, but rewards go to those who stop for a visit at Stoney Ridge. There, while overlooking the lovingly-tended and lush flower and herb garden, the visitor can taste the award winning 2009 Forte. It packs a surprising wallop with its blend of Baco Noir and Cabernet, fortified with 20 percent alcohol, giving it a bit of port vibe without actually going that far. Better than interesting, this is a large red you’ll want to revisit along with Stoney Ridge Estates.

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