$500 million for the HealthCare.gov web sites

You the American People have paid over $500 million for the Obama Care HealthCare.gov web sites and all we got was this lousy 404 page or the site is off line. Now even after the HealthCare.gov Progress and Performance Report came out making claims progress was being made the site has issues.


Issues that in today’s age of technology and advanced web development should not happen. I mean a blogger could have done better then this HealthCare.gov mess we are facing.

We build web sites hundreds and we clearly understand the costs to develop complex web sites, with Databases, E-Commerce to make purchases of products and services.

Now CGI Federal as a company was pretty well ran out of Canada in fact the Province of Ontario just called it quits on a project with CGI Federal with the same antics as what is happening with the HealthCare.gov web site today.

The US needs so much right now and Health Care at an affordable price is critical for all Americans. Obama is stuck in this mess his Health Care plan is struggling because of the web site offering those against Obama Care a field day in the media and the courts.

The principal contractors responsible for the federal government’s troubled HealthCare.gov website say the Obama administration shares much of the responsibility for snags that have crippled the system.

I am shocked that the man, Obama that used the Internet, Social Media and Web Sites for his election Campaign did not go back to those same Technology folks that helped make this President have them build the HealthCare.gov web site.

Executives of CGI Federal, which built the federal HealthCare.gov website serving 36 states, and QSSI, which designed the part that verifies applicants’ income and other personal details, testified Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Meanwhile, figures released Thursday say the total cost of the deeply flawed website and healthcare exchange has topped $1 billion, according to a devastating new HealthCare.gov report by a widely respected government analyst.
Read Latest Breaking News from Newswoman http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/obamacare-cost-hearing-website/2013/10/24/id/532856#ixzz2mLypcprw
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