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Antigua Guatemala meets Surfing Madonna

Surfing Madonna

Surfing Madonna

The second best part of the Super Natural Juice Cafe in Antigua Guatemala story is a friend of the owners Surfing Madonna creator Mark Patterson has been in Antigua Guatemala for the last few weeks helping his friends run The Super Natural Juice Cafe in Antigua.

Mark’s Message to the world.

To all the friends of the Save the Ocean mosaic (aka, the Surfing Madonna):

The Surfing Madonna Oceans Project’s mission is to bring back the Surfing Madonna mosaic and raise awareness of issues affecting the world’s oceans.

Through that raised awareness, we hope the Surfing Madonna mosaic will help inspire people to re-think their actions and understand their role as powerful agents of change.
YOU can help reverse the serious degradation currently impacting the world’s oceans.
The results we wish to see are healthy oceans across the globe in our lifetime.

First of all, please accept my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have expressed such wonderful appreciation and enthusiasm and – dare I say – love of the Surfing Madonna mosaic – and her message!

During those first dark days when I was first “outted,” you were the ones who kept me out of jail. You were the ones who made the politicians pause in calling the mosaic “graffiti.” You were the ones, who in your great numbers, kept them from “scraping that thing” off the wall of the train bridge. And you were the ones whose enthusiastic support helped the story go completely viral!

So please accept my humble thanks for your support.
And also please understand too that I’m not a mosaic artist. My career has always centered on business development in the software industry.

But I am also a guy who listens to his intuition. And I have a sketch book. And this image of the Surfing Madonna with her Save the Ocean message kept appearing in my sketch book, first in 2005, then again in 2008, and then again in 2009. Finally in 2010, after a lot of resistance, I listened.

And that is how I came to be inspired to quit my job that October and spend nine months making this mosaic. I’ve never done anything like it before, and I doubt very much that I’ll make anything like it again.

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Antigua Guatemala My Best Dining Experience

Alex Ferrar - Antigua Artist and Chef of Sobremesa

Alex Ferrar – Antigua Artist and Chef of Sobremesa

Having lived in Antigua Guatemala now for nearly 5 years, I have seen many restaurants come… and go.

To keep up with all the ‘comings and goings’ of Antigua’s many restaurants, I often reference which is our local online version of Zagats – created and run by my good friends Lio & Desi. On this site you will find my favorite restaurant, Sobremesa – run by another good friend of mine, Alex Ferrar, who is an amazing and very entertaining chef and artist!

Trip Advisor consistently ranks Sobremesa in their “Top 10” list of best restaurants in Antigua, and for good reason – it’s great! Great food, great atmosphere, great service and great fun! Sobremesa is my best dining experience in Antigua Guatemala. Here are just a few of the comments you will find on Trip Advisor about Sobremesa:

  • Alex brought lunch to my group of women executives during our weekend in Antigua and it was the most amazing meal we had. The star of the afternoon was the “Giraffe” Fillet in a Cream of Jalapeno sauce with Fried Bananas, accompanied by new potatoes, haricot with almonds, carrots and zucchini. The sauce was only mildly spicy, producing a pleasant tingle on the tongue instead of a panicky dive for the nearest water glass. We’ll be back for more next year!
  • Great steaks prepared with the finest ingredients. My French friends loved it! The steaks were cooked to perfection, and the cheesecake is the BEST! We have been several times and keep on coming back. The decor “Art Gallery” is very inspiring, and did I mention Alex, the cook, artist etc…? also very inspiring….do NOT leave Antigua, without trying Sobremesa.
  • The menu is wonderfully eclectic; the wines are perfect complement and the art? Some are done by the owner and some are hung as a favor to other artists, but it’s all good. For an extra treat, ask for the ice cream…40+ varieties of the most exotic combinations you’ll never find anywhere.  It is the perfect little bistro, in the center of Antigua.
  • If anything, it is worth going just to meet the owner: who else puts unicorn steaks on their menu? The portions were generous and well-prepared. Food was wonderful as was the experience.
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