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US drops bombs on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Published time: July 21, 2013 06:56
Edited time: July 21, 2013 15:44

U.S. Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier II jets participate in the "Eager Lion" military exercises at Al Quweira near Aqaba city, 290 km (180 miles) south of Amman, June 19, 2013.(Reuters / Muhammad Hamed)
U.S. Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier II jets participate in the “Eager Lion” military exercises at Al Quweira near Aqaba city, 290 km (180 miles) south of Amman, June 19, 2013.(Reuters / Muhammad Hamed)
Two US fighter jets have dropped four unarmed bombs in Australia’s World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef marine park after a training exercise went wrong.

The AV-8B Harrier jets took off from the aircraft carrier USS Bonhomme Richard and each released an inert bomb and an unarmed explosive bomb off the coast of Queensland, the US 7th Fleet said in a statement on Saturday.

The four bombs, weighing a total 1.8 metric tons (4,000 pounds), were dropped in more than 50 meters (164 feet) of water away from coral that was supposed to have minimized possible damage to the reef, the statement said. Each Harrier jet dropped two 227-kilo bombs: one BDU 45 and one High Explosive GBU 12. None of the bombs exploded as the BDU 45s are inert and the GBU 12s were unarmed when released.

The training mission went gone wrong as the jets from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit were originally told to drop the bombs at the Townshend Island bombing range. That plan was aborted after the controllers said the area was not clear of hazards.

The pilots then went ahead with an emergency jettison as they were not allowed to land with bombs on board and both were low on fuel, the navy said.

The US Navy and Australian authorities are now investigating the incident.

Coral on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.(Reuters)

Coral on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.(Reuters)

The US Navy is planning to recover the bombs that are lying about 100 kilometres offshore and about 16 nautical miles south of Bell Cay in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The US say that the chance of the  bombs exploding was extremely remote.

‘Due to low fuel and the inability to land with the amount of ordnance they were carrying, the on-scene commander determined it was necessary to designate an emergency jettison area for the ordnance,” US Navy spokesman Commander William Marks said.

He said each bomb was jettisoned in a ”safe, unarmed state and did not explode”.

The Australian Defense Force said the bombs posed ”minimal risk or threat to the public, the marine environment or civilian shipping passing the reef area”, according to AP.

”The incident is being investigated by the US and findings will be provided to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority so that the way ahead can be mutually agreed,” a spokesman said.

Senator for Australian Greens Party Larissa Waters has called the dumping of bombs on the World’s Heritage-listed site “outrageous”.

“We’re letting the US military drop bombs on the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef. I mean, have we gone completely mad? Is this how we look after our World Heritage areas now? Letting a foreign power drop bombs on it?”

The failed training mission happened on the second day of the biennial joint training exercise Talisman Saber that brings together 28,000 US and Australian military personnel over three weeks.

Environmentalists and anti-war activists Graeme Dunstan, who is against the joint exercise, said that the incident proves the US cannot be trusted to protect the environment.

“How can they protect the environment and bomb the reef at the same time? Get real,” Dunstan told AP.

The Great Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the world’s largest coral reef system, made up of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands, stretching for more than 2,600 kilometers (1,600 miles) along the Australian northeast coast.

To all the friends of the Save the Ocean mosaic (aka, the Surfing Madonna):

First of all, please accept my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have expressed such wonderful appreciation and enthusiasm and – dare I say – love of the Surfing Madonna mosaic – and her message!

During those first dark days when I was first “outted,” you were the ones who kept me out of jail. You were the ones who made the politicians pause in calling the mosaic “graffiti.” You were the ones, who in your great numbers, kept them from “scraping that thing” off the wall of the train bridge. And you were the ones whose enthusiastic support helped the story go completely viral!


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Guatemala Internet Problems | My Web Site

Over the last few weeks I have written about Guatemala Internet screwing up there DNS which resulted in many users finding they could not reach the internet from there laptops, WIFI and other means of connecting to the internet in Guatemala. This then let us to write about why your web site did not appear in search engines. Which we followed with a series of articles about SEO or search engine optimization. I hope all found this of help for your Travel site in Guatemala.

This blog shows why a business in the Travel Industry in Antigua Guatemala needs to consider blogging to help promote there Antigua Travel Business. Results count or proof that blogging and social media works.

The proof for this little blog is Google antigua guatemala travel reviews. you will find our little site on the top of the search results. Mixed in with,, and Our little site is firmly planted on the first page along with one of our client sites.

being found on-line

For those of you interested we have started another project for some friends in California. Surfing Madonna is the project. Alexis Chandler who acts as the spokes person for this group has started a global plan to take Surfing Madonna Org. global seeking to find other surfing communities around the world known as the Ten Deadliest Waves, to have an installation of this Madonna in these surfing locations.  Alexis grew up in Pebble Beach California which has two of the Dealiest Wave locations for surfers in the world.


surfing Madonna

surfing Madonna

The Mosaic has a permanent home in Encinita Ca arranged by Mark Patterson and Bob Nichols. Surfing Madonna Oceans Project spokes person Alexis Chandler challenges artists from Banzai Pipeline, Ghost Trees, Mavericks, Teahupoo, Waimea, Shipstern Bluff, Dungeons, Cyclops, Ours and New Smyrna to create Mosaic’s in the ten deadliest wave locations in the world.

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