Save money on surgeries, dental and weight-loss in Guatemala


Medical Tourism Guatemala –a.k.a.  Spa-Med-Holiday- was started  in 2007 by Cecile Billiet, a pioneer for medical travel and wellness vacations in Guatemala. Cecile is a member founder of Guatemala’s Health & Wellness Tourism Commission at Agexport (Guatemala’s Exporters’ Association). She is  also part of the organizing Committee of Agexport´s Service Summit, a biannual congress and networking event  to promote Guatemala´s  outsourcing sector.

The ITC (International Trade Center, a joint organization of the United Nations and of the World Trade Organization) chose Spa-Med-Holiday as a case study in sustainable development for the outsourcing of services in developing countries.

Medical Tourism Guatemala was selected by the Business Initiative Directions (BID) as a candidate to receive  the “International Arch of Europe Award”, a Quality Recognition Award honoring people and organizations that exemplify excellence.

In 2011 Spa-Med-Holiday a.k.a. Medical Tourism Guatemala  has been nominated as part of the finalists to receive the National Exporter´s Award in the services´category for 2011.

Medical Tourism Guatemala –a.k.a. Spa-Med-Holiday- has also been mentioned in the following magazines and newsletters:

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