Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua Cell phones and Internet services

While traveling throughout Central America you do not need to worry about staying connected on-line or making cell phones calls. No need to bring your cell phone and try and have it unlocked and bother with all of this.

You can buy a phone in Guatemala for about $75.00 US plus a chip for about $25.00 that comes with credit on the chip. Then you simply buy credit and recharge your phone. That is it. Go to Honduras change the chip that is it. None of the american ideas of selling locked and useless cell phones.

For Internet you can purchase a USB Modem with credit on it. The best plans are by the month which cost about $1.00 a day US for dedicated on the go any place internet connection. Again like cell phones you charge as you go.

The big providers in Central America are Claro and Tigo that cover most countries. Cell phones work well in almost all areas however in Mountainous areas as you might expect you can see some signal loss.

You will also find on almost every corner in larger central american cities La Tienda or grocery stores which sell recharge cards for all the cell providers. Internet cafes abound for travelers to either use the cafes computers or to access their wifi network for a small fee.