LIVINGSTON Guatemala – No place like this place any place


No place like this place any place

When you arrive by launch or ferry in this island town you will know that you have
stepped over to another Guatemala. There is a definite Caribbean feel to the place.

Once in Livingston Guatemala, you’ll find everything you need – hotels, restaurants, banks, shops –
on the main street which leads up from the Municipal Dock, runs straight through town,
and ends at the beach.

Walk straight up the hill from the dock, keep on going and you will find yourself on a
Caribbean beach. Then walk along the beach and sit under a shore bar pelapa (sp?) with a
cool drink while you watch pelicans dive for lunch.

Walk in another direction and you can explore a small jungle.

The best deal town is sitting at one of the many bars, restaurants and cafes on the Calle
Prancipal and watching people go by: the flow of small town life … the blend of cultures
and people

There is live Garifuna music in many bars most nights. A local set of musicians do a tour
of the restaurants playing traditional Garifuna music with a set up of large drums, a turtle
shell, conch shell and maraccas.

Livingston’s Unique Culture


The people of Livingston Guatemala are a mixture of the Garifuna, Spanish and Mayan
Guatemalans. A number of languages are spoken including Spanish, Garifuna and
English is also widely spoken.

Garifuna people are said to be descended from West African slaves and indigenous
Central and South American people. They have their own culture, language and cuisine.


Livingston Guatemala was traditionally a small fishing town and therefore carries a good selection of
seafood. Many places serve grilled shrimp and at a very modest price.

Tapado is a soup made from fish, prawn and shellfish, served with crusty bread. Cooked
in coconut milk and garnished with coriander.

The local drink here is Coco Loco. This is a coconut based drink where the top is cut
off a coconut and a very generous serving of run is poured in. These are delicious and
very potent. Also, try the Gifiti, a blend of roots, herbs, spices and rum. It’s said to be an
aphrodisiac, so be careful.

From Livingston Guatemala daytrips are possible to Siete Altares (Seven Altars). About five
kilometers away, it’s possible to walk, or you could take a boat tour to this remarkable
multi-tiered grouping of waterfalls and natural pools.


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