Shopping for Meat in Antigua Guatemala

Shopping for Meat in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala has a large traditional market offering travelers and tourists a taste and flair of the culture of Guatemala. Each day this massive complex comes to life with every possible offering a traveler may seek.

The market also acts as the food hub for all the service related business of Antigua requiring the freshest produce to offer clients. Fresh the market is you will not find day old products.

The market is the hub for the local Maya culture to harvest and bring their goods to market an outlet for them to sell fresh produce. Flowers will take your breath away.
The prices will also shock you how low they are.

Now the market is not like an American market of any kind. This is a covered and open air market with a food court. Not the food you will find any place else but Antigua.

Meat is readily available most days, fresh and hanging on meat hooks and blood dripping will great the travelers as you reach the center of the market. Most meat is not refrigerated. Like eggs are not in most Central America countries.

You have a large selection of meats, home made sausages and many other interesting looking treats. If you do not speak spanish some sign language will be required.

Some bartering is suggested if you are buying any amount. Shop and compare prices as prices do vary between venders.

It is a part of your Antigua Travel Adventure you must take part in.


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