Antigua Guatemala | Romantic Wedding

Ashy eruption at Pacaya, shortly after a very ...
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Now it can be told:  The story of how the Yolkobsens met in Antigua Guatemala and got married a year later.  Antigua is truly a romantic town.
It was New Year’s Eve 2009.  To the Mrs Y. it seemed that 2010 would find her continuing her happy singleton life in her snug Toronto Annex home.  I was only there on a ten-day holiday and not looking for romance.  I was hell bent on seeking a break from winter, concentrating on my Spanish lessons and getting to Pacaya, the live volcano about 19 miles (30 km’s) southwest of Antigua.
In honour of the sainted volcano, we chose a restaurant with a vista con Pacaya for our New Year celebration.  Surrounded by family and friends, I watched Pacaya’s molten lava run down the side of its share of the Central American Volcanic Arc.  You could see the red lava stream against the night sky. I could hardly wait to get there.
Then Mr. Y appeared during the dinner.  Though I thought he was the waiter, it turned out that he was there as a potential buyer for the restaurant and was tending tables to get the feel of the place.  While it was not love at first sight, he did impress me with his response to my sister’s request for a Cosmopolitan.  “I’ll make you a Cosmopolitan that’ll knock you on your ass.”  Could this be him?  Could this be the man of my dreams?  Actually, I only had thoughts for Pacaya.  Dinner concluded and our group left the restaurant and headed out to cap the evening off with New Year’s fireworks at Parque Central.  The fireworks lit up the park fountain and its voluptuaries as well as the nearby Placio de los Capitanes and imposing Antigua Cathedral, casting them in fine Disney colours.
Next evening, after having spent the day with my sister at Lake Atitlan, she was exhausted and I was entirely alert, as all insomniacs are.  With my sister tucked into the hotel bed at 8 p.m. I found myself a bit at a loss as to how to spend the evening.  So with my book, I went back to the restaurant to review irregular Spanish verbs over a beer.
Mr. Y was there and we wound up talkng and then touring the night life of Antigua.  There are bars and restaurants dancing and music in this bustling town and the action goes pretty well through the night. We wound up talking (just talking, honest) until 6 in the morning as the Antigua sun was coming up to reveal Pacaya to the town.
The following Christmas Eve, back in Canada (brrrrr), we held our wedding ceremony in my sister’s home, again among family and friends.  Thanks, romantic Antigua.

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