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Santa Cruz on Lake Atitlan Guatemala | Scorpions in the bathroom

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Scorpions are interesting creatures, to read about but not to live with. This, the Yolkobsens discovered during our stay at Santa Cruz on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
Like spiders, mites and ticks, scorpions are members of the arachnid family. However, when you find a dozen of them on your bathroom floor you could care less.  Such was the case after a heavy storm during the rainy season at the Lake when I walked into our beautiful bathroom (real orchids hung from the trestle a foot from the hot water tap).
I’d never seen a live scorpion before, let alone 12 at once.  Stifling my gringa scream, I did the only thing a logical:  I started stomping on the little barbed creeps like there was no tomorrow, only stopping to run into the bedroom to tell us not to worry if he heard any alarming noises coming from that chamber. In the mornign we will go to Pana and deal with this.
Our other arachnids, real spiders, had disappeared from their usual spots on the bathroom walls.  They are usually always there, but not when the scorpions come in to get warm and dry.  These daddy long legs, about the circumference of a beer coaster, usually lolled about on the walls, reaching out for an easy fly or moth stack when so inclined.  In come the scorpions out go the spiders.  Cowards.
Timid though the wall boys were, by morning they had dealt extremely efficiently with the scorpion remains, which I had left on the floor thinking to deal with them when the new day dawned.  Scorpion carcasses dispatched, I felt at ease to enjoy the orchids and the shower.
I think I managed to kill about 40 or 50 scorpions throughout the rainy season and only got stung once.  I don’t recommend it.  The little lobster-shaped dickens had attached itself to my jacket and stung my pinky while I was putting my arm in the sleeve.  Ouch.  No anaphylactic shock for me though, luckily.  Just a few curses and some swelling and all done.
We did learn after that to shake our clothes and towels out vigorously before use and managed to avoid further stinging.  Our neighbour did not fare so well I have to say.
One especially rainy and windy night she opened her window and about six, propelled by the atmosphere, flew at her involuntarily and stung her scalp and face.  More cursing and stomping, but no fatality was reported.
Once the weather warmed, the scorpions went back to their warm and dry outdoor stomping grounds.  See you sane time next year.  I hear they don’t like lavender.

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