Livingston Guatemala made us experts on the beach

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Yolkobsens’ two months in Livingston Guatemala made us experts on the beach, the bars, the wonderful warm townsfolk and, of course, the weather.
Livingston, though a mix of Garafuna, Mayan and Spanish cultures has a real Caribbean feel to it, including the climate.  Most days are hot and sunny, of course not in the rainy season, which we missed.
Our time there was February-March and each day brought sun and heat, reliably.  It’s usual about 85 degrees F and, very humid, often about 100 percent.  You can tell you are headed for a day where the thermometer will hit over 100 degrees when you get up in the morning and find very little of the hustle and bustle of town life going on.  All are in the shade.  Take warning yourself.
On days when it was over 100 degrees and with equal humidity levels, it’s just best to get to the Caribbean side and sit in the shade on a chair sipping a lot of Brava beer.  Now, Brava is one of two beers mainly sold in Guatemala and they both taste the same.  Like beers in most hot countries they are on the watery side with very little hop influence.  Doesn’t matter since it does the trick.  And the price is right at under $1 per bottle in most fine establishments.  Note that all prices go up over Easter Week (La Semana Santa), but still very affordable by North American standards.
During the hot spells, Yolkobsens would spend the day on the beach, catching the cool breezes, talking to anyone who wanted to sit down with us for a while, read, watch the pelican dive for fish.  Time stands still in Livingston, especially when it’s really hot.
But then comes nighttime and it’s still hot.  Yolkobsens discovered an beautiful and awesome spot to spend the evenings.  The Garafuna Cultural Centre is set on a hilltop on the riverside of the town.  Here, the cool breeze from the water and the amazing view of the harbour provided another great spot to cool off with Brava.
We were sad to leave Livingston.  Normal life’s responsibilities called and we had to respond.  We will return to Livingston as soon as we can to catch a breeze and see the people who will always be in our hearts.

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