Volcano behind Antigua Guatemala
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This is your one-stop guide to the major attractions and activities in Antigua Guatemala and environs.

We’ve identified basic must-see sights and locations into one easy list so the first-time visitor to Antigua, Guatemala can see the major destinations at a glance.

Here they are:

  • Antigua – guided walking tour or do-it-yourself  
  • Pacaya – spectacular live volcano
  • Market Days – Chichi and more
  • Lake Atitlan – the most beautiful lake in the world
  • Tikal – Mayan ruins in a national park
  • Coffee Plantations – learn how it gets from bean to cup
  • Pacific Beach – spend a day in the Monterico surf 
  • Day Tours – Mayan villages by bus or bike 

Though we have limited our list to eight, it’s important to know that there are many other   charming, interesting, stimulating sights, sounds and flavours to enjoy in Antigua Guatemala and its nearby surroundings.

It can be a bit overwhelming for the first-time visitor so we’ve made a list of the eight sights most visited and appreciated by visitors.  We provide this list so that you can plan your trip in advance with us or make spontaneous but informed choices when you get here.

All of the excursions outlined here are either set in Spanish colonial Antigua Guatemala or  day trips designed to take you to breathtaking natural beauty, Mayan history, dating back more than 2000 years or  Spanish colonial architecture, dating back only a few centuries.

You’ll be transported throughout the day to another time and place and then, by evening, you’ll be back at the La Villa de Antigua relaxing and enjoying a cocktail surrounded by our lush gardens and then sleeping in a comfortable room in our Spanish colonial style villa.

We’ve also provided a list that we call  ”Relaxation Activities – Leisure, Fun.”  Under that heading you will find everything from Spanish lessons to spa days.  For those days when you want to just relax or learn about Antigua Guatemala at your leisure and at your own pace.

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