Antigua Guatemala – Drink Prices

Black Russian
Image by Sjors Provoost via Flickr

Cocktail prices from the JP’s Rumbar in Antigua Guatemala

New Orleans Style Bar in Antigua Guatemala. Live music, amazing food, funk jazz and blues, JP’s Rumbar is bring the best of the big easy to Antigua.

JP’s RumBar also offers Guatemalan cooking classes through its cooking school, el Frijol Feliz. Classes are taught by our native Guatemalan chef Gabi everyday from 2:30 – 5:30 pm. After the class you will enjoy your meal in the patio of the RumBar. Please check out the website for additional information.

Remember the current exchange rates is around 8Q for one us dollar. For those with bad math skills that makes a Hurricane at about $3.12 US. That makes for very cheap and easy to consume drinks in Antigua Guatemala at the Sky Bar.

New Orleans Hurricane … 25Q

Mint Julep … 35Q

Cuban Mojito (Antigua’s Best) … 25Q

Marian Strawberry … 40Q

Texas Margarita … 35Q

RumBar Russian … 30Q

Black Russian … 36Q

Grass Hopper … 25Q

Irish Coffee … 30Q

Signature Shots Invented at the RumBar

Cuban Missile Crisis … 36Q

Havana’s Last Stand

The ObamaNation! … 38Q

A Democratic Party for Two

Jessie Jackson … 36Q

Dark, Sweet, and Jealous

Hot Flash … 20Q

Name Says it All



Quetzalteca Especial, Ron Colonial, Bacardi Blanco … 15Q

Bacardi Oro … 16Q

Bacardi Anejo … 18Q

Botran 12, Bacardi Solera … 21Q

Havana Club … 23Q

Malibu … 25Q

Botran Solera … 38Q

Zacapa … 40Q


Scottish Leader, Johnny Walker Red … 25Q

Johnny Walker Black … 32Q

Jack Daniels … 35Q

Early Times …

Southern Comfort …


Stolichnaya … 22Q

Finlandia … 24Q

Absolut … 24Q

Grey Goose … 50Q


Gibson’s Gin … 20Q

Beefeater … 26Q

Tanquery … 35Q

Bombay Sapphire … 40Q

Other Spirits

Pastis … 20Q

Campari … 22Q

Jose Cuervo Especial … 30Q

Ilegal Mezcal (joven) … 35Q

Amaretto 20Q

Kahlua, Amarula … 30Q

Bailey’s … 38Q


House Red or White … 25Q

Rioja … 40Q


Gallo, Cabro, Moza … 18Q

Victoria … 16Q

Gallo Liter … 38Q


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