Guatemala Fishing – Sailfish, Marlin and More Sailfish!

Image by Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory via Flickr

Guatemala Fishing – Sailfish, Marlin and More Sailfish!

Mr. Yolkobsen is avid about Guatemala fishing, and, even better, cleans and cooks the fish he catches, something Mrs Y is eternally grateful for since she only likes to eat the darned things and not think about how they got on her plate.  But if you are a man or woman who likes to angle for marlin or sailfish and more, then Guatemala fishing is for you.  Please know that Mrs. Y will wait on the dock happily cheering you on.

The pacific coast in Guatemala forms a giant bay, which is great for Guatemala fishing. Strong currents coming west to east from the Mexican coast turn back after hitting the coast of El Salvador and create an enormous, natural occurring eddy, rich in bait and pelagic fish where sailfish and many other sport fishing species are found in great numbers.

Scientists who have studied the large numbers of sailfish off the coast of Guatemala have concluded this might be the largest breeding ground for Pacific Sailfish in the world. While we call our prime season November thru May, sailfish are caught year round for those pursuing Guatemala fishing.

Guatemala Fishing Vacations

Guatemala is located in Central America, right next to Mexico’s southern border. By airplane it’s approximately 2 hours from Miami, 3 hours from Houston, 3.5 hours from Atlanta and 4.5 hours from Los Angeles. The country slogan is: “The Land of Eternal Spring”. Currently Guatemala is on Mountain Time. Year after year Guatemala has consistent numbers of rises, bites and releases, all recorded and reported, backed up with testimonials from satisfied anglers that agree Guatemala fishing makes it the Sailfish Capital of the World.

Any brief search over the Internet, in fishing magazines, cable or TV fishing shows and newspaper columns will provide figures that say pretty much the same thing: catches of over 25 sailfish per day are common, double and triple hookups are common, on average between 15 and 22 sailfish are caught and released per boat, per day; fishing is good year round, etc. Local boat captains with conservative estimates affirm that between 1,000 and 1,400 sailfish are caught and released, per boat, per year, using conventional tackle and bait.  Guatemala fishing can’t be beat and that’s for the sailfish alone.

For information on accommodations
Centrally located, Villa hosts can link you to all that the region has to offer the curious traveler:  from the historical cobblestone walks in Spanish colonial Antigua Guatemala to the Mayan ruins at Tikal to the beauty of Lake Atitlan, to the shopping bonanza in Chichicastenango market or to Pacaya, an awesome and very much alive volcano.
Located on two scenic acres, four kilometers from town, our Villa features five bedrooms, each with en suite bathroom.  Here energy can be renewed after a day’s sightseeing.  Cocktails and light dinner can be served at La Villa or transit can be arranged so that you can take in the restaurants and nightlife of Antigua Guatemala.
Your hosts are Canadian and American who love the region and can guide you to its many attractions.  A menu or package of activities can be arranged by the Villa or we can advise you on how and where to go to get the most out of your visit to Antigua Guatemala and its environs.


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