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Hill of the Cross, Antigua, Guatemala, 2009
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Like you, Yolkobsens like to stay connected to friends and family back home. We’ve found that the Internet cafes in Antigua Guatemala provide a good service to people on the road who find themselves needing a communications fix to get themselves up to speed on the gossip at the home front or to plan and book via Internet the next phase of their trip.

Antigua Guatemala is connected. You can find a lot of cyber cafes and Internet computer cafes where you can type and click away much the same way you do anywhere else.

A lot of hotels and restaurants also offer Wi-Fi in their public spaces for guests. The Internet speed in Antigua is getting better and a lot of telecom services are available and are provided by a growing number of  local companies.

Walking through the streets of Antigua Guatemala you will find some calling shops where you can use VOIP and normal landlines to call other countries. Come to Antigua and don´t worry about staying connected. You will find a lot of places to chat and email.

Costs are about $1.00 US per hour. Most Internet cafes in Antigua Guatemala have high speed and Wi-Fi connections.

Café Barista is my default location. It’s the character of the place that really makes me attached to it.  For one thing,  the bandwidth sucks. The router is located underneath the cash register which isn’t really ideal placement since everyone sits on the other side of the cafe, behind a thick block construction wall.

Anyway, I like Barista because it feels like an airport: shiny, clean and bright. There’s also a guard who watches me write HTML over my shoulder and I swear he must be able to go home and bang out markup by now.

Bagel Barn has two wireless routers, which is such a good idea you’d think other places would do it. The vibe here is free-spirit backpacker, which I can do every now and then. What I can’t do is hot. The Barn heats up like a mini-Petén. Beware of skype’ing gringos siphoning off the bandwidth to a measly dribble!

At Café Bourbon is an Internet cafe in Antigua Guatemala that is totally all-business and completely desolate during the day, just the way you’d like it for sheer efficiency’s sake. The bandwidth is good, however, we heard that they sometimes tell people they can only sit for an hour so better get your business done fast.

Rainbow Café is another Internet cafe in Antigua Guatemala, but the Wi-FI is not really great. However, the food is totally awesome and there’s a lot of socializing that goes on among trekkers, hippy chicks and so forth to make this a place to do old fashioned communications.  I’m like, “let’s talk and get to know each other face to face.”  Forget the online here, though.


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