Livingston, Guatemala a town with the best shrimp

Restaurant and people in the street in Livings...
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Livingston, Guatemala a Caribbean coastal town in eastern Guatemala. Includes images of nearby Rio Dulce (on Laka Izabal) and Finca El Paraiso. The main industries in Livingston today are fishing, and shrimping, and tourism.

Livingston offers numerous hotels and restaurants serving unique local dishes such as tapado and pan de coco.
Each night weather permitting you can sit on the beach on the Caribbean side of Livingston Guatemala and watch the haggard Livingston shrimp fleet head out into the ocean for a night of shrimp fishing.

These small fishing craft used to fish for shrimp are hardly like the commercial fleet of shrimp boats one would see in the US gulf coastal region.

Most of these boats you wonder if they will make it back to the port.

The next morning if you are up early you can go to the river side of Livingston Guatemala the port lets call it, where the shrimp fleet ties up from the night of fishing. You will find women along the road offering fresh catch head on Livingston shrimp. They are a prize and the price about 20Q for a pound of these wonders. These are giants about 8 to 9 inches in length with the head on.

Off to town and you can find a few of the restaurants in Livingston will cook your purchase for you. Just beside the Immigration office as you climb the hill from the port of Livingston you will find a small bakery beside that is a restaurant owned by a man called Philipe. While the restaurant may lack out side curb appeal the food is what I considered some of the best I have ever had in Central America.

Philipe is always holding court and talking with travelers and drinking. You will enjoy the shrimp from Livingston Guatemala if prepared by Philipe.


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