Chicken buses in Antigua, Guatemala
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El Mercado Market  in Antigua Guatemala is located about 3 blocks directly west of the northwest corner of the town center. Walking through it is a cultural experience.

I find that if you are looking for clothing this is the place. At the very back of the market is the Chicken Bus terminal of you want top call it that. In that area of the market you will find cloths of all kinds, styles and types. Mostly used, but in very good condition.

Understand this El Mercado  market is huge thus you will have to ask for specific areas such as all the meat is in the central part of the market.

The market is opened every day including Sunday, but is largest on Saturday, Monday, and Thursday. It is big, like a maze, and you will likely lose your way. It is dark in the covered areas, and brighter on the outside sections.

There are so many sections to the market, that one need to spend nearly a full day to see it all. Toward the south, is a modern, clean and well stocked gift, art and local artisan shop arranged around a central fountain. To the west is the bus station, where you can take buses to all local towns, and guatemala.

Of course, the usual banana, apples, grapes of outstanding freshness and qualities are also found. Occasionally, livestock such as chicken and small mammals are sold also. It is a gathering place for all Antiguans, and where most families buy their groceries.

You are guaranteed to get lost each time you enter the main area of the market. Straight in and straight out is the preferred method of navigation unless you had a compass and a map.