Antigua Guatemala offers the feel of spring weather

Convent, Antigua Guatemala R Villalobos March 2005
Image via Wikipedia

Antigua Guatemala offers the feel of spring most of the year. The best thing about the climate here is that you can visit at any time, even during the wet season – it rarely rains all day, with afternoon showers being the norm.

Although warm year-round (and often hot) during the day, it is generally always comfortable at night-time owing to the altitude. Most tourists visit sometime between November and February, in the dry season.

March and April is the hottest time, while the wet season hits between May and November. Fortunately, though, Antigua experiences much less rainfall than lower areas of Guatemala, especially along the coast.

August and September usually have the most rain. March and April are probably best avoided on the heat side, however, and you may also get caught out at night if you are staying in the mountainous areas, particularly during the dry season, so bring a sweater when visiting at this time of the year.


While in Guatemala City and the highlands area wear spring clothing and a sweater at night. Comfortable walking shoes are suggested. While at archaeological sites and the lowlands, light-colored, lightweight, cotton clothing is recommended. Sunglasses and a hat are recommended while on tours or at the beach in Livingston Guatemala.



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