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Micheladas are considered a good remedy for hangovers

Michelada (beer with lime salt and chili) made...
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In Antigua Guatemala, Micheladas are considered a good remedy for hangovers.

There are different types of variations of Micheladas; for example in Mexico City, the most common form of a Michelada is prepared with beer, lime, salt, and hot sauce/or chili. Some do add slices of orange, but this step is optional.

The Michelada or cerveza preparada is a term loosely defining a Mexican alcoholic beverage made with beer, lime juice and assorted sauces, spices, peppers, tomato juices or Clamato . It is served in a chilled salt rimmed glass. …

There are a variety of types of Micheladas. For example, a Clamato contains tomato juice and clam juice. A cubana contains Worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, chile and salt. A Chelada contains simply lime and salt. Depending on the region of Mexico the preparation will vary. For people unfamiliar with the local area, it is best to ask how the Micheladas are prepared before ordering if there is concern for what ingredients will be used. In some regions Chelada becomes Michelada, and vice versa.

There are two popular versions of the origin of Michelada, Michel Ésper from San Luis Potosi, Mexico in Club Deportivo Potosino,
Michel Ésper used to ask for his beer with lime, salt, ice and a straw, in a special cup called “chabela”, as if it were a beer lemonade. The members of the club started asking for lemonades as Michel´s lemonade, eventually giving the name Michelada. As time went by other sauces have been added to the original recipe.
The word Michelada is the combination of the words “mix” and “chela”
The word “chela” is a popular way to call a beer in Mexico. It comes from the English word “chill”. When you ask for a chela you are asking for a cold beer. “Mix” comes from the mix of sauces added to the beer. Therefore putting the two words together Mix-chela sounds like Michelada. Others argue that it stands for “Mi Chela Helada”, meaning “My cold beer


Scale ingredients to 1 servings
12 oz beer
juice of 1 lemons
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
1 dash soy sauce
1 dash Tabasco® sauce
1 pinch black peppers

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