Antigua Guatemala Wedding

Hill of the Cross, Antigua, Guatemala, 2009
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Antigua Guatemala has many ruins, most of them are old buildings of convents, churches and monasteries. Today these ruins are rented by many people for events such as welcome dinners, rehearsal dinners, weddings, seminaries, conferencies, cocktails and others. You can find more information about this here:

Saguzo Eventos is an event planning company who is top-rated by clients and by a wide variety of bridal service providers. Saguzo Eventos´s work has generated an impressive reputation that reaches clear across the country. Saguzo Eventos is based in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America; and can be easily located on the internet and in bridal directories around the world.

If you are considering getting married in Antigua Guatemala here are a few thoughts to share with you.

You will need the following.

Requirements for Marriages of Foreigners in Guatemala


  • Birth Certificate.
  • Certificate of Never Married (issued by the provincial government).
  • Both of the above mentioned documents must be legalized. For the Legalization procedures please look under quick links –LEGALIZATIONS .
  • Valid Passport.
  • (2) New paper publications.
  • The contract of marriage must be done trough a public notary.
  • 1. Each Document to be legalized has to be signed by:

    • A public notary of your province
    • The signature of the public notary must be authenticated by:

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