Internet Travel Modem Antigua Guatemala


Upon our turn to Antigua Guatemala for our Winter Vacation we found that our Internet Connect at our new house had not been completed. My wife and I need to be on-line and connected to the Internet every day for our business and yes social media needs. Owning a home in Antigua Guatemala we have many friends and guests that visit us during the cold winter months that Canada offers.

I had heard about these USB modems offered by telecom companies in Canada always tied to a contract and the service was as those that live in Canada can tell you service  is bad and support even worse in Canada. Not wanting to have to go to a free Internet source in Antigua every day by the park I decided okay I will give this Internet connection concept a try. My wife and headed out to one of many Telecom stores in Antigua Guatemala to take a look at how Guatemala offers service well I was very surprised.

We walked into this small store near the Market in Antigua that featured all the brands. I pointed at the case in which the little USB devise was enclosed and locked I guess they value the size as something one could walk out the door with. We asked a few questions looked at the instructions thinking well it might take a while to configure this what the heck we need connection at home. Cost for a month $24 US for unlimited service. No contract at the end of the month come back and they will recharge another month for you. $24 US again, okay I like this.

Back at our house in Antigua I opened the box and followed the instruction plug the little USB modem into your computer. Install the software and connect. Yah right all of us have through that so called simple install process. That was it, it worked the first time.

Claris software includes a very simple control panel that connects and disconnects the service to the internet, a monitor that shows connection speeds and what activities are going on. All the basics without all the bells and whistles.

The need for speed Claris has this in spades. I was shocked at how fast pages loaded, complex web sites everything worked great.

Now, for those traveling or vacationing in Antigua Guatemala and or Central America this little USB modem can travel with you to other countries in Central America, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. You only need to change the chip which is about $8 US.

What else can I say, oh being from Canada and having to deal with Bell Canada and Rogers Media, Claro offered a refreshing change in the idea of Internet products and services compared to both of these companies.


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