Mixx.com in now the new Chime.in

Mixx was a user-driven social media web site that served to help users submit or find content by peers based on interest and location. It combines social networking and bookmarking with web syndication, blogging and personalization tools.

Users of Mixx can control a personalized blend of web content that includes text-based articles, images and videos. Mixx users can search and discover media relevant to their interests, and interact with friends and other Mixx users who share their common interests.

Mixx.com is now http://chime.in a new and complete overhaul to the old look of Mixx.com. New people, new ideas a complete new way to share content. So I decided to give it a try. I never did get an e-mail invitation as it was suggested if you landed on Mixx.com. Anyway.

The site is very simple to setup for you own personal account and profile. I just used my Facebook and Google Gmail to get started.  A few minutes is all it took.
What I liked about the Chime.in interface was it is easy to post very clear self explaining steps. You as a user get a very cool profile and your own web page.

Chime.in does not constantly try and force you to add your friends and or e-mail accounts. The approach is more of having those already as Chime.in members  to share content with each other.

I will be curious as a hard core social media user to see how well the search engines pick up my content. This was always a downfall of Mixx and other social media sites. If you cannot be found you cannot be seen. I will give you an update on my search tests in a few days. I feel I need to have about 30 posts under my category of Antigua Guatemala Travel to see is in deed the search engines are indexing this site well.

Now you can find me on http://chime.in/user/AntiguaGuatemalaRentals I think you will like my interface and the tools and offering of Chime.in.
Finally some one has done this right.


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