Antigua Guatemala Recipes “Uses The Purest Water”


I cannot stress the need for people all over the world to consider using the water purification system in the photo above. Potters for Peace is a nonprofit organization that has created a network of potters and other relevant parties to improve quality of life and preserve tradition using local skills and materials. PFP primarily works in Central America and has headquarters in Brisbee, Arizona. The idea they had was to develop a very simple form of water purification system which they did. In developing countries that new and understood pottery the method and learnng could be passed onto the local people to make their own water purification systems. Great Idea.

Now in cooking water is always a part of some part of the process, however if for example you wanted to bake bread in the recipe you would need some agua pura as it is called in Central America.

Finding pure water only comes in a plastic bottle which we all know is a bad thing. So I am barking my Antigua cooking recipes horn today about this product. I just purchased one for our home In Antigua Guatemala. My wife and I first were introduced to this idea a year before when we were in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. This is all everyone used, the Mayan villagers, the gringo’s everyone used these clay pot water purification system. What is amazing is it works needs little cleaning and is safe and delivers the best water you have ever tasted.

So what’s the catch, none it only cost us about $34 dollar US to buy ours. It is simple to use you just pour water in the top of the Eco Filter as it is called. It drains through to the bottom and you open the tap and you have clean safe drinking and cooking water for my Antigua recipes.

Guatemala may be considered a developing country well they are way ahead of those G20 countries that do not have an answer for providing millions of people clean drinking water. Well Guatemala and Potters for Piece have done that. Not to forget about the positive side for the environment not dumping million of plastic water bottles into land fills, oceans, river and lakes.

Barnabas at cermanic water filters_2049
Image by hoyasmeg via Flickr

Image by hoyasmeg via Flickr

Image by hoyasmeg via Flickr

Ceramic Water Purifiers

Ceramic Water Purifiers (CPWs) were first developed by PFP. The manufacturing process is quite simple. A press forms the pot shape out of clay mixed with rice husks. The pot is fired, and the husk burns, leaving small holes that the water can run through. Finally the filters are coated with colloidal silver. The filters are used with plastic storage units to collect the water.

The efficacy of the PFP filter has been assessed by several independent organizations. It is reported to remove up to 99.9% of fecal coliform under laboratory conditions; however, this removal rate can vary greatly under usage in the field.

Efficacy of the CPW filters also depends on the flow rates through the filter. Lower flow rates have led to disuse of the filter. It is found that a filter manufactured with a clay to sawdust volume fraction of 1:1 was found optimal for field use. An elaborate study illustrated that the flow rate through the 1:1 CPW followed a hyperbolic relationship with time. This study also discussed the relationship between flow rate from the CPW filters and quantity of materials (Clay and Sawdust) used in the manufacture of the filters.

The long-term sustainability of CPWs has also been assessed. It has been found that the CPWs have a disuse rate of 2% per month, with 67% of this disuse resulting from filter breakage. This leads to a mean usage lifetime of 2 years. This may or may not be appropriate for a given situation. The strength of the ceramic water filter materials as a function on clay and organic materials like sawdust, ash etc have been performed. Economics and supply chain would have to be assessed before considered CWPs as a solution to a water problem.


  1. The presentation of 20 liters, offers more than 22 gallons of water a week, enough for a family of 5 or 6 members.
  2. Ensures significant savings in the purchase of bottled water.
  3. You can use water from any side, including wells, rivers and lakes.
  4. Ecofiltro purified water, meets the parameters set by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Standard COGUANOR of Guatemala.
  5. Easy user acceptance since water has no odor or taste.
  6. Improvements in family health from the use of the filter represents a significant savings in drug costs and reduce absenteeism from work and school due to illness.
  7. When groups of people get the Ecofiltro, comes with a training session regarding the use and maintenance and reinforce basic hygiene and health, and oral rehydration therapy.

Over the months you will see more photo’s and our saving calculations from buying bottled water to using an eco filter system for Antigua Guatemala Recipes.


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