Dentists Antigua Guatemala Clinicas De la Cruz La Antigua

Clinicas De la Cruz La Antigua GuatemalaClinicas De la Cruz La Antigua Guatemala

Our blogging life talks mainly about the Yokobsens’s travel and life adventures. We attempt to tell readers without commercialism, the truth about travel to Central America, and in particular, Antigua Guatemala.


As such Mr. Yokobsen broke a crown on his top back tooth just before we left for our winter Vacation in Antigua Guatemala. We have a great friend that runs a honest lady that has all the connections for medical care in Guatemala and Central America. As life has it Mr. Yokobsen tooth began to bother him so we contacted Cecile that is the site I just mentioned above. It was the holiday and no one was around. Through another friend it was suggested we contact Clinicas De la Cruz La Antigua Guatemala. Off we went.


For those gringo’s that think Guatemala is a third world or developing country you are wrong. Coming from Canada this dental office in Antigua is state of the art with all the latest equipment and they specialize in cosmetic dental work. Okay now you are going to say price. You will be shocked I will explain later.


Upon arrival at Clinicas De la Cruz La Antigua the obvious greeting and ex ray to see what the deal is with Mr. Yokobsen tooth. Interesting prior to us leaving Canada for our winter vacation in Antigua Guatemala we had a quick ex ray done at our fine dentist back home in Toronto Canada. She failed to tell my husband that yes he lost a crown he had a wisdom tooth impacting the tooth now without a crown. The first point these handsome and professional men pointed out.


Next the hack dentist that had done the crown in the first place had failed to do a root canal. God don’t we hate that drilling and filing. Okay Mr. Yokobsen needs to come back in the morning for a root canal, the crown how it broke left little area to attach a new crown, dental posts would have to be done and on and on. Sorry they were just pointing out the right way to have this repair made, which we agreed.


Oh the Price. I will not discuss out of respect for Jorge and his father. Okay lets put it this way I could fly down here stay for a week in a great hotel in Antigua have my tooth fixed and fly back to Canada for what I would have saved having Clinicas De la Cruz La Antigua Guatemala take care of me over what a Canadian Dentist would have charged. Canada about $6,000.


Antigua Guatemala Dentists are as advanced as you will find any place in the world. Antigua Guatemala Dentists also offer some of the most advanced treatments for cosmetic dental car in Guatemala. So when you tell your local dentist in Canada or the US you are thinking about Antigua Guatemala Dentists as an option they do have good reason to be concerned. The Antigua Guatemala Dental care is better then any place else in the world.

Now the kicker to this story is Jorge H. De La Cruz Colegiado the father is can you guess his age?

70 Years old. I want some of that.

Clinicas De la Cruz La Antigua GuatemalaClinicas De la Cruz La Antigua Guatemala


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