Antigua Guatemala Recipes Salads That Last

Antigua RecipesAntigua Recipes

Living in the beautiful climate of Antigua Guatemala a cool salad is always a choice to go with a great Flank Steak Diner. The problem those first time travelers to Guatemala find is that fresh produce does not last well no matter what you try. Salad makings suffer the most and finding a way to keep and have a fresh salad for those cool Antigua nights is not always the easiest.

What I have found is a way to create a way to keep those Salad fixins from the El Mercado Market crisp and refreshing for more then a few days. The trick is I shop about mid day at the market in Antigua and look for the best produce I can find. Upon returning to our Villa La Antigua I wash the produce in a light bath of Vinegar water. Vinegar is your friend in Central America as it acts as a disinfectant as well.

For my cool salad as the picture shows below I cut and prepare fresh:

Carrots, Onion red and white, Radish, Cucumber, Garlic lots of cloves about 6, Red Peppers, Hot Peppers about 3, Tomato and some celery. Or you can make what ever you want. 

I place the prepared vegetables in a container as shown. I add, Vinegar and Olive oil, salt and pepper. I then place the mixture in the direct afternoon sun turning and mixing the vegetables throughout the afternoon.

I take the mixture in and serve for two an appropriate amount on a small head of fresh lettuce. Lettuce is not available like those jumbo things we see in Canada. I use the split lettuce head as a bowl and place a serving size on each head.

Then back to the refrigerator.

You will find this mixture will last three to fours days and stay crisp and fresh. Only the lettuce you need to be shopping for every other day.


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