Antigua Guatemala Recipes

Antigua grilled flank steak
Antigua grilled flank steak

A few days ago we were talking about how to tenderize or marinate beef from the Market in Antigua Guatemala. As a reminder beef in Guatemala is not grain fed as such with the lack of fat in the meat you must marinate some cuts of meat to enjoy the great flavor.

Find the recipe at:

Okay we did not have time to cook the meat the next day as talked about in the recipe thus the meat had an extra day to marinate. No harm done at all. In fact you can wait tow or three days and let all the flavors meld together.

We grill the Carne or Beef last night on our little grill we purchased at the Antigua Market along with real Charcoal. By that this Charcoal is not like that processed stuff we get back in Canada full of glue other things we might not want to mention. This adds even greater taste to our Flank Steak.

As suggested I grilled the marinated Flank Steak for about 7 minutes a side. The steak was served with my Antigua Guatemala Salad’s that last recipe and potatoes, with a nice white wine rather then red wine:

Antigua Flank Steak Recipes
Antigua Flank Steak Recipes

What coming next is my hot and spicy salad for those that can stand the heat. Follow along for more Antigua Guatemala Recipes, Food suggestions and tricks.


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