Full Moon Over Antigua Guatemala

Moon Over Antigua Guatemala

moon over antigua

It is November 10th 2011 and I have been back home in Antigua Guatemala  for about ten days. My god it feels like I never left.

Warm wonderful weather after another rainy season in Guatemala was upon us. Warm days and cool nights make for amazing sleeping conditions. Until at least for me that time of the full moon.

Being a Taurus I must have some additional animal instincts in me. When that full moon comes over Antigua I mean I toss and turn and just cannot have a relaxed deep sleep. This morning was the top of the full moon over Antigua.

Almost like early dawn at 4 in the morning.

So up I get and decided to try and play photo journalist today. Now I am not a great photographer in fact I often take better shots with my cell phone then with my digital camera. I think the hundred or so options of the digital camera only confuse me.

I am better in photoshop taking my bad shots of Antigua and making them amazing. The one I am most proud of is on a web site. https://socialmediasnews.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/antigua-guatemala-chicken-bus-election-night-2011/. I got lucky on this night shot and almost was run over by this Chicken bus in front of the market in Antigua. It was election even for the new President of Guatemala.

Anyway I hope someone enjoys these few photoshop corrected shots of The Full Moon Over Antigua Guatemala, form my point of view I will be glad when the full moon has passed. Then, I can return to a normal nights sleep.


moon over antigua


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