Fresh Blue Marlin Steaks for Dinner – Recipes Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Market Fresh Fish

It is friday in Antigua Guatemala and it is time for our next installment of Antigua Guatemala Recipes. This recipes has nothing to do with having fish on Friday, Friday is the day I have found at the El Mercado Antigua Market that the fish is plentiful for with many choices. Today we went to the El Mercado Market in Antigua and our choice was fresh Blue Marlin Steaks. For a pound of fresh Blue Marlin Steaks from Monterrico Guatemala was 25Q or about $3.21 cents for a pound. We have three Blue Marlin Steaks as tonight we have company.

Yes we will have White wine with the fish.

Astica Torrontes

Argentina’s signature white grape, Torrontes produces an aromatic wine with notes of citrus and flowers. On the palate, the wine is smooth and ripe. Perfect as an aperatif or with lighter meals.Cheese Pairings: Cheddar, ManchegoFood Pairings: Chicken Tacos, Guacamole, Vietnamese Dishes. The wine snobs seem to not approve of this wine. The cost of the wine 29.95Q at the Super Bodega in Antigua.


Along with the Marlin Steaks we purchased some fresh vegetables to go along with the fish and more Charcoal total bill for the entire meal. 50Q or about $6.50. I love this lady she is always planted right across from the Fish stall. She always smiles and I always buy from her.

I went on line to see what Blue Marlin was selling for today at the top fresh fish markets across the country: average was $15.99 a pound. On about 120Q. Some difference in price. Again another reason for a travel vacation in Antigua Guatemala.

Seafood is not as plentiful in the Antigua Market as one would like. Today lots of Red Snapper, Tuna and Tilapia. As well lots of shrimp from Livingston Guatemala.

My recipes for grilled Marlin Steaks is simple allowing the flavor of the fish and the natural Charcoal enhance the flavor of the fish. The Marinade is one I found on line years ago. It works well with Marlin or any fish that you plant to grill.

Fresh Marlin Steaks
Fresh Marlin Steaks

First when I got home as the picture shows I spread out the Marlin Steaks and squeezed a full lemon onto the fish. That is all I do and into the refrigerator till it is time to grill the steaks.

Then about an house before grilling I use this recipes I found on line years ago.

1lbs Fresh Caught Marlin Caught

  • Marinade:

I like to roast some peppers on the grill at the same time and have potatoes, carrots and salad with the meal. Time to cook the Blue Marlin about two minutes per side. These steaks are thin and I want the fish tender to the touch of a fork. Large Blue Marlin Steaks I would wrap in tin foil and more or less poach on the grill with all the marinate included in the tin foil.

About Marlin

Marlin, family Istiophoridae, are fish with an elongated body, a spear-like snout or bill, and a long rigid dorsal fin, which extends forward to form a crest. Its common name is thought to derive from its resemblance to a sailor’s marlinspike.Even more so than their close relatives the scombrids, marlin are incredibly fast swimmers, reaching speeds of about 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph)


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