About Sam Bauer

Sam Bauer, a transplanted Oregonian has lived and traveled in Central America for over 15 years settling in Nicaragua in 2001. Sam’s real estate work is focused primarily in southern Nicaragua where he specializes in marketing properties owned by local residents. His longevity in the country and in business has allowed him to develop an impressive network of buyers and sellers throughout the country and internationally.

Sam settled in Costa Rica initially where he ran a resort & sailboarding enterprise. His real estate career was an outgrowth of his work as a tour guide & language specialist after he moved to Nicaragua. He currently lives in Ometepe where he can be found putting to use his language fluency & materials management skills managing construction projects, and marketing properties.

My objective is to promote tourism and investment in Nicaragua for people who are interested in exploring an alternative to spending the rest of their lives in the north countries.  I concentrate in the SW area of Nicaragua which includes Granada and Carazo as the northern boundaries and the border to Costa Rica as the southern boundary.  This includes the Tola zone which is world famous for surfing, San Juan del Sur, Cardenas along the southern border of the lake Nicaragua, and last but not least Ometepe.

I am a listing agent which includes locating properties and guiding the sellers in establishing realistic selling prices and being a buyer’s broker which includes ensuring that the properties are legitimately for sale with good documentation, and that it is a clean and honest transaction.

Rivas is the geographical and commercial hub of southwest Nicaragua as well as being the gateway to many surrounding tourist attractions.  It has shown marked growth since I first visited in 1996.  The province or department of Rivas includes Ometepe, the Tola zone, San Juan del Sur, and Cardenas.  All properties in these areas are registered in the Registry in central Rivas.

Real Estate in Gigante, the Tola zone, and Ometepe has been very active lately.  The prices are lower than in the San Juan del Sur zone.  Foreigners are in Rivas year round.  Just north of Gigante, the Popoyo region has the best surfing in Nicaragua.  Virtually all the tourists and investors in the surrounding zone of Rivas come to Rivas to shop regularly.  This is evidenced by the fact that two new large supermarkets which are being built now will soon open.  Marsella lies just forty minutes southwest of Rivas and fifteen minutes north of San Juan del Sur.  Property sales are active here and there is building going on and resorts opening up here.  The beach of Marsella is the closest nice beach just north of San Juan del Sur.

The southwest zone of Nicaragua is the most active real estate wise in the country.  There is a growing community of Northamericans and Europeans moving here and starting up businesses as well as just retiring for six months out of the year or more.  This is bound to continue with Ometepe coming on strong as an international airport comes on line within a few months.


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