As you know I work closely with this nonprofit in Guatemala. You can make a difference with just 2 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME!  Help Amigos de Santa Cruz Foundation win $25,000 from Chase Community Giving.  Voting is Nov. 8-22.

This will not cost you money and you do not have to be a U.S. citizen to vote!  Anyone in the WORLD who is on Facebook can vote for Amigos de Santa Cruz by following these few simple steps:
1. Go to the Amigos Chase Profile Page:
2. Log on to your Facebook page if you haven’t already done so.
3. “Like” Chase Community Giving.  A ‘Request for Permission’ pop-up screen will appear and you will be asked to grant permission to access your PUBLIC FB profile.  This is not a big deal as this is what you allow anyone on FB to see.
4. Verify that you are still on the Amigos de Santa Cruz Foundation page:
5. Click the GREEN “Vote and Share” button and VOTE FOR AMIGOS! (make sure you click the GREEN “Vote and Share” button. “Likes” are nice but they do not count.  You must click the GREEN button!)
6. Share!  By posting on your FB wall, messaging your FB friends, emailing or Tweeting your friends asking them to also vote for Amigos de Santa Cruz!  Every vote counts!

If you have trouble voting, try a different browser.  The Chase application doesn’t work very well with Safari.  You get 10 votes but can vote for any single charity only one time.

I hope you can help us out!  Gracias!