Antigua Guatemala Coffee Beans

Justadura Antigua Coffee BeansJustadura Antigua Coffee Beans

Today as part of Antigua Guatemala Recipes we are going to talk about Coffee or Cafe as it might best be known in Antigua and Guatemala in general. The country abounds with what some consider the best coffee in Central America.

Guatemala and in fact Antigua and the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala are famous for the prized high mountain shade grown coffee. Antigua is at about 5000 feet above sea level and the areas surrounding Antigua have miles and miles of coffee plantations or Finca’s are they are called.
In the Lake Atitlan area one can find coffee Fincas surrounding the lake. Being tempered by the lake temperatures and moderate climate of the Lake region coffee grows slowly with the cool nights. Coffee tours are offered by a number of Fincas and through the many tours operators of Antigua and other areas of Guatemala.

For us we like to stay off the well trodden tourist travel routes and always seem to find the place either the travel guides have never found or tourists in general fail to venture a far. Thus today in our Recipes of Antigua Guatemala discussion we are going to take you on a tour of a not so well known expert on coffee in Antigua.

“Justadura Antigua Coffee Beans” is located on the corner of a street near the market in Antigua. The shop is located on the corners of 6A Calle Poniente and 7 Avenida Norte ask anyone where the Antigua Gym is the shop is on the opposite corner.

The owner is an american I think from the Bay area and has lived in Guatemala I think since the 70s. His focus great coffee and great roasting techniques. Prized for coffee you will not find anyplace else in Antigua, he often hikes to small villages and gathers beans from the local Maya villages.

Justadura Antigua Coffee BeansJustadura Antigua Coffee Beans

His roaster and grinder are as the pictures show of an antique vintage, however still work and operate roasting coffee and a daily basis. You will find yourself if you let you completely engaged in long and interesting conversations about coffee and coffee processing practices. The shop is to some degree a working science project in the area.

Within the clutter of this shop you will find, chocolate, the coffee cherries that he found a new use for very sweet and desirable. Yes you will find roaster coffee beans sold by the pound, ground on this vintage grinder and sold in plastic bags. Nothing fancy.

Coffee Bean Cherries CandyCoffee Bean Cherries Candy

Now the coffee is to die for, I mean after a twenty minute conversation about how you like your coffee in the morning he will mix up a blend of various roaster beans to meet you morning demand for high energy coffee. That you will get for a price of about 45Q a pound.

Antigua Guatemala RecipesAntigua Guatemala Recipes


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