Antigua Guatemala Pork Recipes

Antigua Guatemala Pork Recipes

This Antigua Guatemala Recipe is all about the fine pork that can be purchased at the market in Antigua. Pork in Central America is some of the best I have tasted. Although most is not commercially grown the flavor is amazing. Add some great fruit to the pork and you have another amazing Antigua Guatemala Recipe.

Ingredients are as follows.

1 small pork loin large enough to cut into four 1 inch thick pork steaks.
1 bunch of small bananas.
1 package red beans.
1 red pepper.
4 jalapeno peppers.
1 onion.
1 small can or jar of spicy tomato juice.
1 can of beer
1 bottle white wine
1 lb. bacon

Arrange the pork in a small roasting pan as the picture shows. Between each pork steak place a thinly sliced piece of onion.
On the top add a piece of banana topped with a halved jalapeno pepper.

Fill the pan one third full with spicy tomato juice, then another third with beer and the last third white wine.

Add salt and pepper, cover with strips of bacon to seal the meat.

As for the other part of the meal I have a squash cut in half, filled with the juice of one orange and a slice of butter.

I mix the red beans with beer and spicy tomato juice, and lots of pieces of bacon.

I bake this slowly for about 4 hours at 375 degrees.

I scoop out the squash keeping the juice, place the bean and the pork on the plate.

The pork takes on the flavor of the banana and jalapeno peppers.



Next on Antigua Guatemala Recipes a video tour of the Antigua Market.


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