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Beef At the Antigua MarketBeef At the Antigua Market

Antigua Guatemala Food Recipes continues today with talked about, buying and preparing meat purchased at the Antigua Guatemala Market. Beef is called Churrasco or Carne.

Most of the Beef in Guatemala is grass fed. Most grass-fed cattle are leaner than feedlot beef, lacking marbling, which lowers the fat content and caloric level of the meat. Meat from grass-fed cattle also have higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and the omega-3 fatty acids ALA, EPA, and DHA.

Another factor in the beef sold at Antigua and other Guatemalan markets is it has what one would call silver skin. Anyone who had had deer meat understands the need to remove this layer.

You can remove all the silver skin from a piece of beef without sacrificing any of the meat. Silver skin is the white connective tissue layer on the outside of many cuts of meat. The membrane is cut away from meats like venison prior to marination and cooking to prevent curling and expose the surface of the deer meat. Take the time to carefully pull all the silverskin from venison to deliver a more tender and flavorful final product.

In this article about Antigua Guatemala Recipes we show the steps mostly by photographs of how we have taken a piece of great meat purchased at the Antigua market and prepared the meat into a number of very nice steaks.

As the photo’s depict we have a very nice cut of meat from the rib area of the steer. Some fat not much exists and after we peel away the fat layer we find the exposed meat to have a thin layer of silver skin. The method I use since I am not a butcher is to cut the piece into steaks. This allows me an easy way to trim the silver skin from the meat. The results are great steaks.

The trimming I cook down in a pot with a roaster chilly, slat, pepper, curry, onion and peppers. The remaining meat I use for Taco’s and the stock make for a great base for any soups and gravy.

When I am finished I have 3 meals of beef steaks for two people, strap meat to make about 6 tacos and enough stock for soup stock to feed at least six.

Not bad considering this cut of meat only cost me 86Q. Another reason for those travelers coming to Antigua Guatemala for pleasure, holiday or an extended vacation to keep following our Antigua Guatemala Recipes.

Carne The flesh is the tissue animal , mostly muscle , which is consumed as food . It is a colloquial and commercial classification applies only to land animals, usually vertebrates : mammals except birds and reptiles – because, although such a definition can be applied to marine animals, these fall into the category of fish , especially fish , the crustaceans , molluscs and other groups often receive the name of seafood -. Beyond its proper biological classification , other animals such as marine mammals , are sometimes seen and sometimes fish meat.

Churrasco is a Portuguese term referring to beef or grilled meat more generally, differing across Latin America and Europe, but a prominent feature in the cuisines of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and other Latin American countries. The related term churrascaria (or churrasqueria) is mostly understood to be a steakhouse.

In Guatemala, churrasco is regarded as a typical dish, often eaten in familiar gatherings and festive occasions. It is usually served topped with chirmol, a red sauce containing chopped tomatoes and onions, and accompanied by corn, guacamole, grilled potatoes, stewed black beans, rice and tortillas.


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