Antigua Guatemala, Metiz Delicatessen, French Cuisine

French Cuisine in Antigua Guatemala, The Metiz Delicatessen

French Cuisine in Antigua Guatemala, The Metiz Delicatessen

Off  the south east corner of the Park Central in Antigua Guatemala you will find French Cuisine at The Metiz Delicatessen. My wife and I came across this shop on one of late night walks. A few 100 Q later we were home sipping some of this wonderful home made rum from the owner of Metiz Bernard.

This is a very interesting and deceiving little shop “Metiz Delicatessen”. Don’t be fooled and pass it by.

Up stairs is a stash of some very decent French Wines, hidden away in the loft tasting room.

French Cuisine in Antigua Guatemala, The Metiz Delicatessen

As well Bernard has his own creations of Rum from fruits and various items of secret from Guatemala. His rum is  excellent but, not for everyones taste. I would describe this rum of a sipping kind then a mix drink rum in my opinion. Look for it by name “Rhum Arrange” rum kind of a different take on blended rums these are as the French would do it calling it “Arranged” from Metiz Delicatessen in Antigua. My choice was “Fresa Menta” or strawberry mint.

Now guatemala lacks a few standard items the French do well, like Cheese, Mustard, Olive Oils, Wine Vinegar, fine Hams and various Smoked Meats. The Metiz Delicatessen section has a number of items, aged Cheeses, Carpaccio, Prosciutto, Serano ham, Salami and much more. I am amazed, he has been able to source most of these wonderful products in Guatemala.

One item I became fond of after about the third visit was Metiz signature home made smoked and curried sausage made by Bernard. Looks kind of like a long pepperoni only quite dark in color and not the best smell to the nose. But taste let me tell you great. This item is not always in stock as Bernard told me “it takes about six to eight weeks to prepare and cure the sausage”.

Today I went down and took pictures of The Metiz Delicatessen, this is Bernard’s first year in building this business in Guatemala and yes he is from Paris France. We are hoping to talk him into sharing some of his recipes with Antigua Guatemala Recipes.

Bernard has a great selection of prepared Christmas Gift Packs on display. Order yours soon.

French Cuisine in Antigua Guatemala, The Metiz Delicatessen

This is truly a bit of France in Antigua Guatemala at Metiz Delicatessen.


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