Antigua Guatemala Updated Street Map

If you click on this map you will get a larger view.

Antigua Guatemala is very compact and easy to walk around. Most tourist destinations are in an 8-by-8 block area less than 1 km across. You can walk across it in 15 min. Be careful: the sidewalks are narrow and not always in good repair, you may have to walk in on the road with traffic whizzing by you, and at night it’s worth being cautious and aware of your surroundings while you are getting around Antigua Guatemala.

The standard tourist maps are linear in their drawings. They are accurate only near the town center, as their peripheries are indistinct and inaccurate. Get a real map from the tourist shops or from the official Guatemala tourism office, INGUAT. These have accurate topography if you are seeking locations farther from the town center and do a much better (if not complete) job of dealing with dead ends and curved streets.

Alas, there is only so much even a really good map can do for you when you attempt getting around Antigua Guatemala.  Most people who are stopped and asked for directions are very kind and obliging, if also not always accurate.  No matter a meandering walk is sometimes as interesting as a straight charge to your specific destination.

You always get there eventually.  Just allow for a little extra time when you set about getting around Antigua Guatemala.

In an attempt to offer travelers to Antigua Guatemala a simple and clear map to follow we have built the attached map for your help in not getting Lost in Antigua Guatemala. We hope this map and information will help you in your visit to Antigua and area.

No matter the map you use while visiting Antigua Guatemala you will get lost. Sites including Google, Yahoo and AOL have Maps about Antigua Guatemala.
These Map’s are user created, meaning that if your Business, Hotel, Spanish School, Bar, Restaurant, Hostel, Spa and Tour Business has moved or closed in Antigua Guatemala and you did not update the maps. You got it, still listed at that location.

The traveler doing all his or her research on-line for that first trip to Antigua or Lake Atitlan may find when they arrive a little Lost in Antigua Guatemala.
Every day I see tourists walking the streets of Antigua with map in hand, lost. I decided to build a map of Antigua Guatemala that was simple and anyone could understand.

First rule Avenida’s go north and south. The reference point I use is you will see a cross on the top of a hill. That is north.
Calle’s run East and West. If you are looking north at the cross from Central Park, West will be your left hand. If you head west you will run into the large Market and Bus Terminal in Antigua Guatemala. Oh the bus terminal, is mostly for Chicken Buses.


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