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The Night of the Burning of the Devil In Antigua Guatemala Video

The Night of the Burning of the Devil In Antigua Guatemala.
Part of the excitement on the eve of the Burning of the Devil in Antigua Guatemala includes the street vendors that see this as a business opportunity to sell everything including Devil Horns.

We ran into this family that had a large booth and some amazing products. The women in the video and the pictures had expression and excitement about her products.

Then I pulled out the camera and asked permission she had a glow on after that introduction. It appears her family produces a number of food products that are listed below. They don’t have a web site so I have included their e-mail address.

The name Montecristo Food Factory just outside of Guatemala City. We could not resist taking a video and having a sampling of what I would describe as the Guatemalan version of Egg Nog for Christmas. I can say this was amazing with a slight taste of Booze in it.
Yes we purchased a bottle. 60Q.
Montecristo Food Factory also had a number of other products they produce including;

Montecristo Food Factory is a Guatemalan purely dedicated to the manufacture of food products that provide the special seasoning on your food through a combination of aroma, taste or purity.
The 1st street 4-40,
de Portugal, Zone 1, Mixco, Guatemala, Guatemala
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