Antigua Guatemala Guards and Security

For the traveler that have come to Central America and in particular Guatemala and the travel hot spot Antigua Guatemala you will see many men with Shot Guns. Guards at Banks, ATM Machines, Jewelry Stores, jade Shops, Silver Shops and even the odd Tienda.

In Antigua Guatemala you will also notice a lot of Police Pickup Trucks on the street, at Central Park in the Market and Bus Station area of Antigua. Again do not panic. This is a normal day of business protecting and being visible to all. Including those bad guys.

Who I have to say I have seen very few in Antigua Guatemala.

Now the picture in this post is of one of those guards armed with a Pump Shot Gun. You can tell by his size and the smile on his face he is a very intimidating young man. Not so. I walk past the shop he watches over almost every day and over time we would talk and make jokes.

This day I wanted a picture this is what I got.