I love Antigua, Livingston and Lake Atitlan Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala was the colonial Spanish capital of Central America. It is a World Heritage site, and is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Guatemala.

What is the Climate in Guatemala?
Antigua Guatemala offers the feel of spring most of the year. The best thing about the climate here is that you can visit at any time, even during the wet season – it rarely rains all day, with afternoon showers being the norm. Although warm year-round (and often hot) during the day, it is generally always comfortable at night-time owing to the altitude. Most tourists visit sometime between November and February, in the dry season. March and April is the hottest time, while the wet season hits between May and November. Fortunately, though, Antigua experiences much less rainfall than lower areas of Guatemala, especially along the coast.

2.The People

While hiking around Antigua Guatemala a man stopped and asked if we need a ride. We thought we had been hugely blessed by the lift into town, but we were further rewarded with the man’s story.  His English was charmingly accented and excellent. He explained that his father was American and his mother Argentine. Responding to our pelting questions, he went on to tell us how he grew up in Argentina and, as a young man of 20, traveled to Guatemala to work with his uncle, an American executive.  The plan, he told his mother, was to stay 6 months for a youthful experience.  ”Fifty-four years later, I am still here,” he explained just as the sun was coming up full force over the lushly green highlands that surround Antigua Guatemala.  ”I simply fell in love with Guatemala and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.” Though it broke his mother’s heart, he stayed.   He told us that a half century ago there were very few formal highways, including the well asphalted one on which we were driving.

3.The Cost of Living

Antigua Guatemala although a tourist destination for many from around the world has yet to take on the American style prices. For example a package of Marlboro cigarettes are 15Q or about $1.93 us. Compared to $12 dollars in Canada. A beer Gallo is about 15Q at many bars. Compared to the 5 to 7 dollars in the US and Canada. Transportation by the famed Chicken Bus transit system of Guatemala is about 1.5 Q for a twenty minute ride anyplace. Longer routes on a Chicken bus can cost upwards of 20Q. Housing a couple can rent a nice fully furnished apartment in Antigua for $350 to $500 US per month, everything included.

4.Lake Atitlan

All I can say about the lake is amazing. Lake Atitlan is about an hour and a half from Antigua and perhaps a little over two hours from Guatemala City. From Guatemala City I would take a shuttle to the lake not a Chicken Bus. Upon arrival at the Lake as it is called you will be dropped at Panajachel (Pana) which is a town in the southwestern Guatemalan Highlands, in the department of Sololá. From Pana as it is called you are then forced to use water taxis to get around the lake cost about 15Q. The main villages are San Pedro La Laguna, Santa Cruz la Laguna, San Marcos La Laguna, Santa Catarina Palopo and San Pedro La Laguna. From Pana you can take a Tuk Tuk to Solola and visit this amazing Maya cultural market.

5. Eating out in La Antigua Guatemala

We have many spots we like to frequent on a regular basis. Basic lunch for two at the Rincon Tipico is 30Q for two people family style is how I would describe it. Or Cafe Flor a great offering of Thai Cuisine. The owner is very charming and works the crown pretty good price about 200Q for lunch with w few beers. Many steak houses exist in Antigua we frequent one under the famed arches of Antigua. No need to give you the name just ask anyone where are the Arches in Antigua and as you approach the arches you will see a lovely man standing at the entrance to this steak house. Sushi at the Intercontinental Hotel in Guatemala City, WOW we stuffed each other for two hours with Beer and Wine. Came to about 800Q with the tip.

6. Livingston Guatemala No place like this place any place

When you arrive by launch or ferry in this island town you will know that you have?stepped over to another Guatemala. There is a definite Caribbean feel to the place. Once in Livingston Guatemala, you’ll find everything you need – hotels, restaurants, banks, shops – on the main street which leads up from the Municipal Dock, runs straight through town, and ends at the beach.
Walk straight up the hill from the dock, keep on going and you will find yourself on a?Caribbean beach. Then walk along the beach and sit under a shore bar pelapa with a?cool drink while you watch pelicans dive for lunch. The best deal town is sitting at one of the many bars, restaurants and cafes on the Calle Principal and watching people go by: the flow of small town life … the blend of cultures and people There is live Garifuna music in many bars most nights. A local set of musicians do a tour of the restaurants playing traditional Garifuna music with a set up of large drums, a turtle?shell, conch shell and maracas.
While many parts of the world are covered in snow and awaiting the end of the Christmas rush we are enjoying the weather in Antigua Guatemala along with the other five reasons we Love Guatemala.


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