Antigua Guatemala has a large concentration of historical Churches

Churches in the Villages surrounding Antigua


Antigua Guatemala has a large concentration of historical Churches for travelers to enjoy tours of. The surrounding areas of Antigua Guatemala also have some of the most spectacular Churches in the Villages surrounding Antigua. Sadly many travelers and tourists visiting Guatemala miss the opportunity to explore this wonders of History.

Our tour is made up of 5 villages in the Antigua Guatemala area. This is a full day trip with everything included. A trip that you will not forget soon.

When you pull into town, from no matter from which direction, you will want to get walking and exploring this charming cobblestone Spanish colonial town. Your instincts will guide your feet as you will likely start in the very heart of Antigua, Parque Central. Get a feel for the place by strolling in any direction from the park.

You will be struck by the authentically restored and well preserved Spanish architecture, dating back to the 18th century with a few 16th century models too. Moorish touches are everywhere as they are integral to the Spanish tradition brought here. Personally, when I first set foot here, I just walked and walked, discovering on my own the earthquake-ravaged El Carmen Church, built in the latter 16th century.

The arch on fifth avenue is magnificent in daylight or night illumination as is La Merced, a butter-coloured convent, built in the 18th century and now lovingly restored to at least most of its former glory. These are only a few highlights.



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