Antigua Guatemala Restaurants

Antigua Guatemala Restaurants Often Feature Pork
Antigua Guatemala Restaurants Often Feature Pork

Okay for those world travelers heading to Antigua Guatemala and seeking out the finer Restaurants of Antigua yes pork on their menu does exist. Today like most Restaurants in Antigua I was at the market in Antigua seeking out some fresh Pork and this picture I could not resist sharing with everyone.

For those week at heart the Antigua Guatemala Fresh Market is that Fresh and in most cases hanging meat on the hook exists in ever Market staff. This is a traditional means of showing off the quality of your Meat. For me today is was the quality of the Pork I was seeking.

One has to arrive at the market in Antigua early in the morning, that is where you will find the staff of most Restaurants from Antigua shopping for the needs of the Restaurant for that night. Yes Antigua Restaurants prefer to shop each day for the freshest produce to offer their hungry tourist quests.

We are no different at “Where is Antigua Guatemala”, each day we shop at the Market and we have a handful of venders we like the best in the Antigua Market. This is not like the food service industry of the US or Canada at this Market everything is appearance, smell and feel of the produce nothing is pre packaged, shrink wrapped or portioned.

What you see is what you get and get quality that is a given. For most Restaurants in Antigua they like us have special venders that supply specific cuts of meat or poultry for the needs of their Restaurant.

This country runs on Pork, you will find the best Chorizo sausage home made, Tamales, Burrito’s and much more made out of the Pork from Guatemala. Pork served in the Restaurants of Antigua will come in many traditional means. Pork Loin Roasts, Ribs and Pork Chops.

You can be sure that the pork you will eat in most of the Restaurant in Antigua has come from the Market in Antigua.



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