Guatemalan Chicken Tastes Like Chicken Should Taste or Did

I think back growing up how Chicken use to taste, tender and moist full of rich flavor. Today with the genetically modified Chicken, Cage Raised Poultry that we are offered up at our local Super Markets clearly lacks that taste Poultry once had.

Enter Guatemala, each year as I return for the winter months I cannot wait to hit the market in Antigua Guatemala and get myself a whole Chicken for Roasting.

The market for most Tourons perhaps lacks the Stainless Steel, Glass display cases we are used to seeing in other parts of the world. While the presentation of a Chicken in the Antigua Market for some may be lacking that American Style presentation, the Poultry in Guatemala makes up for is Taste.

Chicken in Guatemala is not in a Stainless Steel Glass case. No the Chicken is on display packed on trays for all to see and decided which Bird will tempt my taste bud’s for tonights dining. For some the fact that this Poultry is not in a glass case may create the feeling of caution about purchasing Poultry presented this way. Get over yourself.

Another interesting point about the Chicken in the Markets of Guatemala is that the Chickens have a yellow to orange color to their skins. Which most Tourists find to be a turn off. The reason Guatemala Chickens have this color is they are not dipped in some form of acid bath to bleach their skills. This happens at most commercial processing plants in other countries.

Most travelers in Central America and in Particular Guatemala have heard of the Famed Chicken Buses, many stories exists why they were gifted with the name. For those with historical interests, the name Chicken Bus has a direct relationship to the delivery of live Chickens to the Markets around Guatemala by yes a Chicken Bus.

Yes still today one can buy a live Chicken at the Antigua Market. You do have to take the Chicken home and kill it yourself.

About the taste of the Guatemala Chicken, I have Roasted, Fried, Grilled and BBQ my Guatemalan Chicken, all with one similar result, MM Good.


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