The Best Fried Chicken in Antigua Guatemala Is?

 Pollo Pinulito

The Best Fried Chicken in Antigua Guatemala Is? Pollo PinulitoPollo Pinulito

Guatemala has more Fast Food Chicken Franchises then I have seen any place else in our Travels.  Yes Guatemala has KFC, however I feel that Colonel Sanders secret recipe has been over taken by a Country that feeds itself on Chicken. Even in the smallest Pueblo in Guatemala you will find if nothing else a single Pollo stand of one of Guatemala’s Chicken Franchises.

The big question how does Guatemalan Fried Chicken stand up to KFC?
And, which of the Guatemalan Fast Food Chicken Franchises serve the best Fried Chicken?

KFC I have only this to say, is fast food. You get what you pay for, nothing.

Now for Antigua Guatemala best Fried Chicken.

You will not find Pollo Pinulito listed in Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Fodor, or any of the other Travel Guides. Thank god for that.

One learns very fast in Antigua if you see a line out the door, that is a good place to eat. If you see very few Gringo’s even a better place to eat. If you see a line out the door all day, this place has to be good.

I go to the Market in Antigua at least 4 times a week I have become a Market Junky. On my way along Alameda de Santa Lucia, the main street in front of the Antigua Market I would always notice this little Chicken place Pollo Pinulito with a line outside. The reason for the line, the counter can only handle two people at a time and the entire place is about 6 feet wide on the inside.

We had some work done on our home and I needed to feed a few extra mouths that day and lacking time to cook for the crew, yes I headed for some Pollo or Chicken. I figured okay I would give this place a try. Luckily I landed at Pollo Pinulito at what appeared to be a quiet time, that did not last.

I watched while my order was prepared at least 20 people coming in for a few pieces, some larger orders and complete meals. This was a machine of a place, all ran by one person that appeared to know most of the people coming and going. Ah my order is ready a meal package.

I headed to our home that is only a few blocks away and I noticed this smell coming from the bags. I was Hungry I assumed. Upon arriving at home we split up the Chicken and we all sat down to what I once remembered was real Fried Chicken.

Not Chicken with the flavor masked by secret herbs and spices.

Just go old fashioned Fried Chicken.

For those traveling to Antigua Guatemala for a Vacation Pollo Pinulito is easy to find along Alameda de Santa Lucia you will see the line outside.


2 thoughts on “The Best Fried Chicken in Antigua Guatemala Is?

  1. Been here in Guatemala 11 years and we learn fast where to buy and not to buy!. This is not a good place to buy chicken there small and over cooked,over priced, fries are over cooked too.

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