Antigua Guatemala Breakfast Biscuits

Antigua Guatemala Chili Cheese Mile High Breakfast Biscuits
Antigua Guatemala Chili Cheese Mile High Breakfast Biscuits

I love fresh Biscuits right out of the oven. In Antigua Guatemala one does not find fresh Biscuits in the morning. Bagels are hard enough to find only at the Bagel Barn in Antigua.

We have eaten at most of the Restaurants in Antigua for our Travel review life on Trip Advisor, Fodor and Lonely Planet. Search any of these Travel Review sites for Biscuits and you will not find a single posting about an Antigua Restaurant offering Biscuits. Lots of Pan in Antigua bread shops, not a Biscuit to be found.

Now we have asked around Antigua at Metiz Deli, Cafe Flor, Rincon Tipico I thought for sure, CATours Moto Cafe, Las Antorchas and Restaurante La Estrella. No Antigua Guatemala Biscuits to be found.

Okay I love to cook and have made Biscuits hundreds of times. The difference when you are a Mile High like Antigua is and you are not accustomed to the ingredients the baking of Biscuits can be a challenge as I found out. Lets call the first few attempts like good old Canadian Hockey Pucks. Flat and hard I was devastated.

A trip to a local Pan Shop in Antigua solved all my problems. Oh the owner knew how to bake Biscuits and was more then willing to share the tricks with me. I still did not get why she did not bake Biscuits. Biscuits and Gravy is an American staple okay I am in Guatemala wake up!

Making of Biscuits has a few tricks and at over 5000 feet above sea level the problems of flat Biscuits are an ever present problem for most bakers. The tricks I found out were keep everything very cold, only use milk not water and for the oil or fat use that old favorite Mazola Shortening in a tube. Yes they make Mazola Shortening by the truck load in Guatemala for making tortillas, a base ingredient.

I followed the basic Biscuit recipe one finds on line at E-How or something like that, I was told equal parts Baking Power and Baking Soda. Oh in Guatemala Baking Soda is purchased at a Pharmacy. Which again was another point to learn about in my quest for Baking the perfect Biscuit.

I did a few trial runs and yes following the recipe and suggestions from this kind shop owner out came the perfect Golden brown Biscuits. Becoming brave I decided to head for the ultimate,  Antigua Guatemala Chili Cheese Mile High Breakfast Biscuits. I love Cheese and Chili it goes together.

This blog shows the results of cleaning out the old Refrigerator you know all those little ends of Cheese you never eat. I used those dead Cheese soldiers, with fresh green jalapeno Chili’s.

The pictures show the result.

Antigua Guatemala Chili Cheese Mile High Breakfast Biscuits

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