New Years Eve In Antigua Guatemala, Means one thing “Fireworks”

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I feel for those readers of this blog living in Canada and most parts of the us. Why? What is a News Years Eve Party without fireworks. In Canada well we are allowed to buy these kids type of Fireworks and in much of the US it is the same.

In Guatemala for New Years the tradition for locals to light off mass amounts of Fireworks. In fact a village San Juan del Obispo which is just outside of Antigua Guatemala is famous for the fireworks they build for special holidays like New Years.

In the main Park of Antigua at midnight everyone is treated to an enormous News Years Fireworks spectacle an even that can be seen from almost ever part of Antigua. The park is packed for hours in advance to get a ring side seat for the Fireworks display.

For us we like to watch the Fireworks from our home which is only a few block from the Park. We have a few quests and what we like it to watch the big show from our deck and then like all kids go to the streets like everyone else in Antigua and light Bomba’s as they are called in Spanish.

Fireworks are readily available in Antigua, however we prefer to shop at the huge Bomba shop which is setup every years beside the main market in Antigua. This is a mans dream Fireworks Market.

Wow in the old days in the US and Canada one could purchase the big bang of Fireworks the famous M-80 which does not hold a candle to the Guatemalan version of the M-80 the “Grande Bomba” This baby as the pictures show is about 8 inches long and will shake windows a few blocks away without a problem. Our video of this will come later tonight.

We purchased about 25 Rockets, a few “Grande Bomba’s” a role of fireworks with extra bangs inside and a few smaller Bomba’s. Total price for all of the Fireworks about $20.00 US. Just think if you wanted to spend $1,000 what kind of show you could do?

We follow all the Osha rules when light off Fireworks, we have a few drinks, we use the new light post the city installed in front of our house to launch the rockets. We setup two video Cameras, one behind a window that is a few feet from the light post. And we have a hand held which we hide behind another light post 6 feet away.

Oh the police well on Christmas Eve the police stopped traffic both directions in front of our house while we set of the Christmas Eve Fireworks.

Sounds like fun and it is. Sadly our US and Canadian friends will be holding those sparkler things which no one would even buy in Guatemala to celebrate the bringing in of the New Year.


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