Another Mexican Restaurant opens in Antigua Guatemala

Los Cebollines Mexican Restaurant

Los Cebollines opens in Antigua GuatemalaLos Cebollines opens in Antigua Guatemala

It is January 1st 2012 and we are recovering from the nights celebrations of fireworks and bright lights throughout New Years Eve in Antigua. As such most restaurants in Antigua are closed New Years Day. My wife and I decided we needed breakfast at 11:00 and we headed out for a hunt to find a restaurant open on New Years Day.

We live on the 6th Avenue in Antigua we headed north and we had talked about this new restaurant that we noticed which had just opened in Antigua Los Cebollines a Mexican Food Chain. Kind of like a TGI Friday is for Burgers and Ribs on the US this place was focusing on Mexican using a similar theme as TGI’s.

Okay we decided we would take a shot for breakfast or lunch on New Years Day. I like eating mostly at the smaller back street restaurants in Antigua and on a note of my own opinion a restaurant chain like Los Cebollines is not needed in Antigua, however I only live here thus my opinion means nothing.

Los Cebollines is located on the 6th avenue south on the north west corner. You can’t miss it the building is freshly painted dark red. Covering the entire corner. Upon entering you are greeted by a hostess. We sat in the bar hiding from the rest of the customers. A nice bar well organized and managed well.

One can tell right away you are in a Franchise, the menu gives it away. A great fill color menu just like one would see in the US like TGI fridays. Well staged photography throughout the menu appealing to hungry guests.

We ordered the appetizer platter, which was huge. However, the platter was made up of mostly packed items from a food service company, not home made.

I had a bloody Mary which was out of a pre mix, using boxed tomato juice. The service was very good and should be for a Franchise.

The price of our our meal was high and included a pre set tip included on the bill. I do not like that in any restaurant when the restaurant decides the tip.

If you want Franchise food that is what you get at Los Cebollines in Antigua Guatemala.


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