Antigua Guatemala Ladies Night

Antigua Guatemala is famous for many bars, like Ladies Night at Mono-Loco Antigua Guatemala, Reilly’s, is one of Antigua’s top places to party, an Irish Pub in a Spanish Tourist town owned by a Dane. Or Jungle Party Hostal in Antigua, Wednesday’s ladies night are full of chances to win free drinks, games.

In Antigua what I find interesting is each of a handful of Bar in Antigua have carved out their own Ladies Night and no one competes with each other. Along with Ladies nights in Antigua most bars offer Live Music, and other Drinking type contests to create interest and to line the bar with the young at heart that enjoy the late night bar life.

Now for me my days are numbered in this area however I can still hold my own with those 20 years behind me. I do pay dearly for this activity and have found a cure for that next morning tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth, blood shot eyes, head ache, Massive Hangover.

For the morning after I start with a Micheladas are considered a good remedy for hangovers. Consider a Michelada like a Bloody Mary only a Michelada is prepared with my choice Gallo beer, lime, salt, and particular hot sauces or chile slices. That gets me out of bed and able to face the fact I am starving.

My food choice is as I call it the Hamburger Donut, which is fresh Guatemalan beef ground, and made into the shape of a Donut. I place two of the Hamburger delights in a frying pan with lots of Butter and fry slowly. Once I turn the Hamburger Donut over I let it cook for about 7 more minutes. Then I break an egg into the Donut hole, cover and turn down the head till the egg is cooked.

To serve I smother this feast with Salsa and have another Michelada.

Fully recovered I am now able to prepare myself for the next Ladies Nights in Antigua Guatemala.



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