Mac and Cheese Monster Noodles Antigua Guatemala Recipes

This is a none healthy version of the Mac and Cheese your mother used to make no organic pasta and no low-fat cheddar, for those that want all the absurdity of a starch-on-starch novelty junk food, without any of the guilt we made it last night in Antigua for guests.


  • Cheese from The Metiz Delicatessen in Antigua, the owner brings in some Cheeses from Tecpan Guatemala that are to die for.  We choice two Cheeses suggested that melt easily. Some Cheeses will not melt or blend into the Mac and Cheese correctly. Just ask them at the Deli. We have also found the Cheese prices are very reasonable at the Deli.
  • Crema Comercial from Exquisita. Kind of like creme fresh only thicker. A 6 once bag.
  • Imported Noodles from pastaZara. This type of noodle is larger them most Mac Noodles used and fill the little holes with Runny Cheese.

I cook the noodles till just about soft, drain, do not run under cold water that will wash all the starch off the noodles.

I place the noodles back in the sauce pan and add about 1/4 pound of butter and half the bag of Crema. With the heat off I let the mixture blend together. Once mixed I place the mixture in a tin foil baking dish that has been hand rubbed with yes more Butter.

Then I cut the Cheese from Metiz Delicatessen into thin strips. I lay the strips on the top off the mixture. I cover with tin foil and let it cool for about 10 minutes. While heat remains in the Noodles the Cheese on top begins to melt into the mixture which is runny now.

I set my gas oven to 400 degrees and place the pan in the oven covered for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I remove the tin foil cover and turn the heat up to 450 degrees. I let the mixture bake till the top of the Mac and Cheese turns golden brown.

I served this with smoked Pork Chops and yes more Gallo Beer from Guatemala.

Our guests proceeded to sit by the fire after dinner.


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