Weather Update Antigua Guatemala

Weather Update for the week of January 9, 2012

Antigua Guatemala Weather Update for the week of January 9, 2012

The New Year in Guatemala saw a drop in the temperature across the country. Many Guatemalan Highland areas reported temps close to the freezing point. This is a common occurrence the first week of the new year in parts of Guatemala.

For Antigua Guatemala the first week of January saw temperatures drop into the low 50 degree mark at night with daytime temperatures reaching the very low 70s with wind. This week appears to see temperatures return back to normal. High 70s and low in the 60s at night in Antigua.

For the week of January 9, 2012 weather for Antigua appears to be in the high 70s most days with a chance of rain in some regions of Guatemala. While we bask in the evening of the full moon the nights remain clear and great for taking photos of the moon.

The severe rains of last fall in the Antigua Region has effected the coffee harvest. A mold which was caused by the heavy rain has effected some of the crops in the Antigua Region. We are told some Fincas have lost their entire coffee crops to mold. This will have an overall impact on the coffee prices coming out of Guatemala this year.

The rains in the fall also effected tourism in Antigua as many travelers canceled trips due to the flooding and mud slides throughout Guatemala. This fact slowed travel to Antigua for about one month.

Lake Atitlan which was effected in the past by tropical storm Agatha was effected by the rains last fall. Reports from lake Atitlan indicate that last falls rains caused as much damage in some parts of the lake as Agatha had. Lake water levels continue to rise which has caused the need for new docks around the lake.

Till next week enjoy the pictures of the moon over Antigua Guatemala.


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