Cafe Sky amazing views of Antigua Guatemala

Bar of Cafe Sky

Amazing Views of Antigua Guatemala from the roof top Bar of Cafe Sky

Cafe Sky, a unique cocktail terrace, was the first vantage point from which Mrs. Yolkobsen glimpsed Antigua Guatemala from a great height. Many, before and after her, have had the same experience and it never fails to send the first-timer’s “wow what a view!” exclamation into the atmosphere.

On the third floor this landmark establishment, you will find a vista that is hard to top.  The best perch is the bar stools that face out westerly, directly onto the city. Here you have a panoramic view of the town and its environs. Order yourself up a gin and tonic, a Michelada  or good old Gallo beer. Guatemala, Antigua, Cafe Sky, Bar, Beer GalloMy advice is to avoid the margaritas since the bar mix is on the paint-thinner side and stay away from the tool and dye wine list.  Note to potential visitors:  the price of drinks at this bar includes a gratuity and they seem to have factored in the relative cost of the view and pass it on to greedy-eyed sightseers.  It’s okay, the extra quetzales aren’t killing and really the view is worth it.

Looking straight out, that is west, you have an excellent view of the three volcanoes.  With any luck Fuego will be sending up smoke rings for its adoring audience. So to your right (north) is the Cerro de la Cruz, and depending on the time of day, you may or may not be able to see the huge cross on the green terraced land.  It depends on the slant of the sun.

Swivel your tourist noggin to the back of Cafe Sky and you will behold a beautiful chunk of the Central Highlands that cradle part of the city or send torrents of water infused with mud down on us all, depending on the season.  You are however safe as in your mother’s arms way up top of the blue building that holds the Cafe Sky nest.

To the east, that is to your left if you’re still looking at the city and if you are still sober enough to maintain a vertical position, you will see the San Francisco Church where lie the remains of Hermano Pedro, Central America‘s only bona fide saint.  The dome on the church is poised magic.

Best time to go is between 4:30 and 6 p.m. to get the whole sunset experience.
Cafe Sky is located at 1a Avenida Sur #15, Antigua Guatemala.


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