Guatemala Travel Review News Update

Guatemala Travel Review News Update

Guatemala Travel Review News Update

Guatemala Travel Review along with sister sites and are beginning to have an impact on delivering non commercial travel information about Guatemala and the primary travel destinations which Guatemala Travel Review supports covering Guatemala Travel News.

The goal of these sites are to take real life experiences about traveling in Central America and place that content into a format that is factual not full of commercial opinion. Our contributors live in the regions we talk about, work with travelers every day to supply information about Guatemala Travel not the reviews we see on line.

Guatemala is for the most part an off most travelers radar as a place to visit. Part of the reason is lack of connecting Travelers directly with resources that will answer questions, make suggestions, help arrange travel and make first time visitors to Guatemala become long time visitors.

How we are accomplishing this on Guatemala Travel Review is to break the country down into most popular areas of interest. We have not included Tikal as that is a highly marketed and promoted region to visit. We wanted to explore and expand areas such as Livingston, Rio Dulce and Monterrico Monterrico for example is for the most part the forgotten beach resort area of Guatemala. Only a hour and a half drive form Guatemala city the beach resort area has few articles and even fewer mentions of the large travel network sites like

Lake Atitlan is well known however not well understood as a Travel destination in Guatemala that offers far more then a day trip to explore. Working with Kayak Guatemala which is a Lake Atitlan based Kayak and adventure facility Guatemala Travel review can now use real travel information from the Lake region to begin building a greater understanding on-line of what the lake has to offer which is greater then a one day trip from Antigua to Pana and back.

This on-line service is free to any business, traveler, tour group that wish to be found.


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